Background & Activity

The Club plays lawn bowls outdoors on its Green between the end of April and the end of September. Members may use the Green at most times subject to it not being already booked. For novice members, coaching can be arranged.

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Lawn Bowls

Our Green has 6 rinks, which are used for league matches, club competitions, Friendlies and roll-ups. 

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Short Mat Bowls

Between the months of September and April, the Clubhouse is converted into an indoor "Green", with two Short Mats. These mats are 45ft long and 6ft wide, and the simple (yet challenging) objective is to get your bowls closer to the jack than your opponents.

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Various one-day club competitions are held throughout the year which are open to all playing members:

Captains Day
Betty's Spoons
Presidents Day

There are also knock-out tournaments held in each season, these can vary but the core is:

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Our History

This article is an amalgam and précis of two articles on Cobham Bowling Club originally published to note the 60th and 75th anniversary of the founding of the club as it exists today. We thank Ted Hayes for these contributions.

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Short Mat Competitions 2019/20

See sub-items for details.