Background & Activity

The Club plays lawn bowls outdoors on its Green between the end of April and the end of September. Members may use the Green at most times subject to it not being already booked. For novice members, coaching can be arranged.

There are practice sessions (Roll-ups) on Monday afternoons (coaching), Tuesday and Friday mornings, and Wednesday evenings (bar is open).

For these roll-ups, there is a relaxed dress code (apart from flat shoes being obligatory whenever playing), but for matches it is white above the waist and grey below. NB If white below the waist is required, it is specified on the team list and in the fixture card.

Apart from a match fee* for all inter Club matches, there are no charges to playing members for playing outdoor bowls at the Club, other than those charges necessary to cover the costs of catering.

*match fee is £2 for away matches and £3.50 for home.


Various club competitions are run each year. The draw for each outdoor competition is made in May. Some competitions may be played to their conclusion on one day on various dates throughout the season, and others have their finals played on Finals Day at the end of the season. Members may also enter for the Surrey competitions, run under the auspices of SCBA. Short mat competitions take place throughout the Winter season, culminating in finals day at the end of March.


We play both Friendly and League matches throughout the season with teams across Surrey. Friendlies are a good way of improving your skillls, and once novices have learnt the basic principles of bowling, they are encouraged to put their name down to play for matches. The Club will always prefer to play a novice rather than reduce the number of teams playing.

Whilst in the Summer season matches are generally held in the afternoon, during the winter season many matches are played in the evening. See the fixtures page for more information. Friendly matches are usually played on Wednesdays, and Saturday and Sunday Afternoons, with league matches on the other days.

For League matches as long as the Club is in contention, the organiser will pick the strongest team available.

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