Special Days

During the year there are special days such as: Club Day, Shield Match, Invitation Day, Captains Day, Betty's Spoons Trophy, and Presidents Day. The details are

Club day
In the morning we hold a bring and buy, cake stall, plant sales, book stall and fun games. We often have a bowls retailer come to the clubhouse bringing all the essentials needed for bowling. In return the club receives 10% of the sales for club funds. The afternoon is taken up with a 'drive'. This is also a good opportunity to bring friends and family to see the club and try bowling if they wish.

Shield match.
The ladies play the men in hard fought matches at both short mat and outdoor bowling. The shots from each rink are added together to decide if the ladies or the gentlemen have won. The winning captain receives a shield (duly inscribed) at the annual dinner.

Invitation day.
The club invite other clubs to join us for a mixed drive in the afternoon followed by a meal and dessert. There are prizes for the winners, second and third teams. There is a charge for this event.

Captains’ day.
The Captain invites all club members to join him/her for an afternoon drive followed by a two course meal. There is no charge for the food.

Betty's spoons trophy.
This is a special drive where you partner a different player every four ends. Individual scores are kept and the winner receives a 'Cobham' engraved tea spoon. The trophy is a mounted display of silver spoons presented by Betty Turner and awarded to the winner at the Annual Dinner.

President’s & Captains day.
This year, the President Captains Day have been combined. The winning team is presented with the Litzie Spencer cup. Following the bowling the President provides a meal.

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