Lightwater Friendly League Fixtures

Lightwater Friendly League matches are held at Wey Valley.

The league was set up for people who wanted competitive bowling but were not experienced players, and especially to bring on No.3's and Skips.

FIXTURES – 2021/22

Venue: Wey Valley         Start Time: 7:00 p.m.


Date                              Opponents                  Result

1st Nov 21                     Lightwater                   26 - 10   WON

15th Nov 21                  Woking Park

29th Nov 21                  Hersham                       14 - 15  Lost

13th Dec 21                   Woking Park 2

17th Jan 22                    Albury

31st Jan 22                    Merrow

14th Feb 22                   Normandy

14th Mar 22                  Ripley

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