SHORT MAT CAPTAIN’S UPDATE – SEPTEMBER 2017 (Edited from Newsletter)

Please come along to the Work Party on Thursday 28th September and help get the Clubhouse ready for Short Mat and the outdoors put to bed for the winter. Roll-up sessions will officially start on Monday 2nd October but feel free to start playing over the weekend before if you wish.

I have prepared a one page sheet which includes details of all the League and Friendly matches along with Special Events and the weekly roll up session times. This will be put in your cubbyhole before the end of the month. A small supply will also be available behind the bar.

We have a very full programme of league and friendly matches alongside the roll-ups and some special events. Roll ups will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons (2:00 for 2:15), Tuesday mornings (10:00 start) and Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7:00 for 7:15 start). 

The “sign-up sheets” for the Monday and Thursday leagues and for our two SHAB teams – Blue and Yellow – are now on the Notice Boards along with a list of the Squads for each team. All registered players are eligible to play in the Monday leagues at Wey Valley and I would welcome more of you putting your names down for selection this season!

Most players have now paid their County/ESMBA registration fee of £6 but for those of you who haven’t paid yet, please can you do this urgently as the registration list needs to be submitted before the end of September and you will not be selected until you have paid me. Details of the Personal Accident insurance which is a requirement and benefit of registration are now displayed in the Clubhouse. Please read these so you know what you are entitled to if you do have an accident whilst playing.

As from Wednesday 4th October, we will be providing coaching sessions for Beginners and Intermediates starting at 10:00 a.m. in the Clubhouse, but please note that there will be no session on Wednesday 11th October. The coaching sessions will be run by Heather, Roger and myself and everybody is welcome. If you are unable to attend these sessions but would like some one-to-one coaching then please contact one of us to arrange. 

There is a Notice on the Board regarding the dates of the County Competitions. If anyone wishes to enter one of these, then please contact me for further details but the Closing date for entries is 8th October so please do so urgently.

David and Sue Lokkerbol have taken over running our internal Club competitions so watch the Notice Board for details of how to enter.

Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions on how we run our short mat activities, please don’t hesitate to speak to me.